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Help Hair™ Protein Shake

Help Hair™ Protein is a supplement drinking shake made with all-natural ingredients, specially formulated to stimulate healthy hair and reduce hair shedding in men and women.

Produced from only the highest quality ingredients, Help Hair™ Whey Protein is the only nutritional product that supplies the complete structural proteins and nutritional requirements that hair requires to grow strong and healthy.

Available in Vanilla and Chocolate flavours.

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Hairmax Lux 9 Laser Comb

Clinically proven and TGA approved, the laser comb increases the blood flow and circulation in the scalp. This process stimulates the hair follicle, promoting re-growth and thicker, healthier existing growth.


Hair A-Gain (Minoxidil)

Minoxidil improves blood circulation and increases both oxygen and nutrients to the follicle thus encouraging re-growth and stabilising existing growth.


Proscar / Propecia (Finasteride)

The key ingredient inhibits the production of DHT, the cause of MPHL.

This then enables re-growth and stabilised existing growth.

General Hair Loss Products


Hair Prepare 240ml

Deep cleansing and anti-inflammatory shampoo. Triple anti-dandruff. Invigorating cooling effect. Gentle on thinning hair.


SLS & SLES-free

pH Balanced



Daily Volume 240ml

Instand thickening. Longer lasting volume, shine and conditioning. Deep hair nourishing effect.

Creates the perfect surface for Nanofibres to bind to.


SLS & SES-free

pH Balanced


Follicle Defence 240ml

Anti-hair loss complex conditioner delivering effective treatment actives to help block the production of DHT.



Nanofibres 15g

Colour matching camouflauge fibers with a charged coating that clings to existing hair shafts providing coverage to to the scalp.



Locking Mist PLUS 100ml

UV protective mist providing a light hold to help keep the Nanofibres in place in all conditions, even under water.



Hair Fibres 25g

Colour matching camoflauge fibres with a charged coating that clings to existing hair shafts providing coverage to the scalp.



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