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Mentoring the next generation of hair restoration surgeons

Busy people are often very generous in donating their time to help important causes.

True to the reputation of busy people, Martinick Hair Restoration’s Dr Jennifer Martinick commits much of her spare time to educating the public on hair loss and mentoring the next generation of doctors.

Choosing to mentor patient focused, persistent, compassionate, dedicated, talented and hard working professionals, Dr Martinick feels a responsibility to pass on her knowledge.

Having delivered over 200 lectures around the globe and provided surgical training and ongoing guidance to many doctors who are new to the field, Dr Martinick says maintaining high professional standards is essential for the well-being of future generations of hair loss patients.

She says hair transplantation is not taught in medical schools and it is critical that experienced and knowledgeable leaders in the field mentor future generations of doctors.

“For a doctor to be fully at ease carrying out the surgeries, they need to know the trends, important changes and new practices required to stay at the top of the field,” Dr Martinick says.

“They need someone who they can discuss ideas with as well as an introduction to key and important people in the field.

“This is why I have spent many hours training Dr Sara Kotai, Dr Xin Chua and Dr Aliaa Yusof to perform The Martinick Technique™ and ensure their patients receive natural, permanent and healthy hair restoration.”

To learn more about the transformational work of our hair restoration doctors, call us now on 1800 694 481.

With a carefully selected team of professionals in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, New Hair Clinic is dedicated to excellence in patient care, comfort and the highest achievable outcomes in hair restoration.

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