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“ There’s no better feeling than witnessing the personal renewal experienced by my patients when their transplanted hair begins to grow. ”

Having trained extensively under renowned pioneer of undetectable hair restoration Dr Jennifer Martinick, Dr Kotai has built on the discipline of replicating the natural orientation of hair while ensuring each patient has optimum opportunities for youthful density.

Dr Kotai’s surgical technique, the Optimum Density Technique (ODT), draws on the best of The Martinick Technique™ while ensuring patients have optimum opportunities for thicker hair.

  • notable AWARDS
  • Trained by global hair restoration and transplant expert – Dr Jennifer Martinick.
  • Regularly invited to speak at international hair restoration symposiums (San Francisco, Boston, Alaska and The Bahamas) and lead workshops, Dr Kotai is also featured in international journals.
  • Founded Australia’s first male-focused aesthetic medicine clinic.

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Patient Stories

I’ve always thought of myself as an active go-getter but since the successful hair restoration procedure I find myself energised and feeling younger. It’s amazing how the way you look can change the way you feel.

Actor, Paul Gerrard

Achieving the most out of your hair transplant with new hair clinic’s Optimum Density Technique (ODT)

Performed and developed by our clinic’s specialist hair transplant doctor, Dr Sara Kotai (MBBS Hons), our Optimum Density Technique (ODT) draws on new generation surgical techniques, extensive specialist professional training as well as ongoing research and development.

Our unique optimum density technique draws on this discipline of replicating the angle, direction, curl, and orientation of natural hair while also ensuring each patient has optimum opportunities for a thicker head of hair.

  • Minimised trauma
  • Achieves natural results
  • Promotes better hair growth
  • Ensuring comfort and quality of care
  • Improved predictability of outcome
  • Improved recovery time
  • Minimised scarring

How it works?

  • 1. Strip harvesting

    A small donor strip is taken from a discreet location on the head.

  • 2. Graft Preparation

    Individual follicles are separated and prepared under microscope.

  • 3. Hair design preparation

    Scalp and hair line preparation is tailored to each individual.

  • 4. Graft Insertion

    Hair follicles are gently inserted to create your desired hair outcome.

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