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Actor Paul Gerrard’s Infectious Zest For Life

It is almost two years since actor, television presenter and yoga instructor Paul Gerrard underwent hair transplant surgery with our dedicated doctors.

Living and working as an actor and television presenter between Sydney and London, Paul’s varied and busy schedule requires energy and stamina.

Aside from his performance work, he also combines teaching yoga with voice-coaching to assist future instructors to connect effectively with their students.

A recent job took him to assisting at the Raja Yoga Teacher Training Academy in Los Angeles.

Pictured here at the Academy’s graduation ceremony there is no evidence of the receding hairline Paul had before he had surgery with Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai at Man Cave Sydney in February 2015.

With a new hairline and a fuller head of hair Paul says he looks and feels much younger.

“It feels like new hair and a new life,” he says.

“I’ve always thought of myself as an active go-getter but since the successful hair restoration procedure I find myself energised and feeling younger. It’s amazing how the way you look can change the way you feel.

“Confidence and energy seem to be related, and now I have both.

“I’ve always kept my body fit and active and I like to look healthy and young. By the time I reached my forties it felt as though my hair was letting me down. Now my hair and body match and I’m feeling as youthful as the beautiful students that I teach!”

Rocking His New Hair

As a front man for a rockabilly band, having thinning hair seemed incongruous for the image Michael wanted to portray.

Affecting his appearance and confidence, Michael felt his receding hairline and thinning hair compromised his ability to project a strong stage presence.

“In the rockabilly scene, hair is a big part of your overall look, Michael says.

“I wore a wig for a while and although it looked okay, it could be uncomfortable. It was never going to be my ultimate solution. Ultimately, I wanted a solution that was permanent and natural.”

Michael, who has chronic fatigue syndrome and agoraphobia, sought professional advice from leading hair restoration surgeon Dr Jennifer Martinick over eight years ago.

After a medical diagnosis to ensure his hair loss was not related to his health issues, Dr Martinick initially prescribed medication and the nutritional supplement, Help Hair Protein Shake to thicken his existing hair.

Along with being less expensive than alternative non-surgical solutions offered elsewhere, this treatment ensured Michael had healthy donor follicles available for a hair transplant in 2015.

Now 12 months after a procedure to thicken his frontal forelock area Michael enjoys a rejuvenated appearance and is sharing his experience with other men.

Unlike women, men tend to be more secretive about cosmetic issues with many fearing they will be ridiculed or seem vain for having a procedure, he says.

“It is really important to share stories and affirm other men’s concerns about hair loss.

“I spoke to a twenty-eight year old guy who was worried what his work mates would think about his decision to have a hair transplant. But, the great thing about hair transplantation is the new hair comes through just as your own hair grows, so it isn’t as if you go to work looking completely different after a procedure.

“The new growth is natural and there’s time, if one wishes, to open the conversation about the treatment.

“If you feel good about yourself you are generally in a better position to earn and attract money, so I consider a hair transplant to be an investment in yourself.”

The Confidence Behind the High Performance Success

Luxury car builder Cane Taleski has many reasons to jump for joy. The City Beach man, who builds replica Lamborghinis at his Malaga factory for a boutique market, enjoys strong demand for his high performance cars.

The continued success of Mr Taleski’s company, Supercars Australia Pty Ltd is testimony to his unique craftsmanship, keen eye for detail and business acumen.

Mr Taleski said he also attributed his success to the new found confidence he gained after being successfully treated for a condition which had long been a source of vexation to him.

He said a meeting with renowned hair restoration physician Dr Jennifer Martinick ended a decade long search to cover up scars left by previous scalp reduction surgery.

Mr Taleski, who is among the millions of Australian men with hair loss, said the scalp reduction surgery he had during the early 1990s was a futile attempt to cover up hereditary baldness.

The experience left him very wary of the hair restoration industry.

However, after a lot of time and research and an eventual meeting with Dr Jennifer Martinick, whose research into hair replacement techniques was making a positive difference for many burns victims and others with scalp damage, his faith in the ability to treat his condition was restored.

The rest as they say is history and he no longer has any signs of the former scars and baldness which affected his confidence.

Mr Taleski, who has had three 1000 graft hair transplant procedures, is among the thousands of Australian men to benefit from Dr Martinick’s award winning hair restoration surgical procedures.

Her pioneering surgical techniques, which have seen her honoured in New York for being the best in her field, draw on a unique combination of artistry, meticulous attention to detail and optimal placement of the transplanted hair follicle to ensure a completely natural looking hair transplant.

Mr Taleski said the confidence regained since having his hair restored had translated into many other areas of his life.

“I feel a lot more confident about meeting people in both business and social situations. People should never underestimate the link between confidence and success.”

“Everyone who knows me and my work in building replica Lamborghinis will tell you that I do not settle for anything less than perfection.”

Getting My Youth Back

New Hair Clinic patient Shane was 35 when he had his first hair transplant procedure at our Perth surgery. Shane, now 37, had a second hair transplant procedure in early 2016. Shane, who has had 6,000 grafts transplanted, is now enjoying the benefit of proven, permanent and natural looking hair transplantation.

In the interview below, Shane speaks about his prior experiences with trying non-surgical hair loss solutions such as wigs. He says he has never looked back since having hair transplantation at our clinic. The great advantage of a hair transplant is that the donor hair grows permanently. The principal of donor dominance means the transplanted hair is resistant to dihydrotestosterone, the hormone that causes hair loss in men with a genetic predisposition to it. Shane says he is enjoying the freedom of having transplanted hair that grows naturally again as well as the positive feedback he receives about his new look from family and friends.

When did you first notice you were losing hair?

It was around the mid-20s when I started noticing it. You don’t really realise to an extent how you’re losing your hair quickly. Then 10 years later you sort of looking, you’re like thinned out and pretty much bald.

What did you try prior to having a hair transplant?

I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but I did actually use a wig with natural human hair. I couldn’t handle that for longer than seven months. It just got too itchy, ingrown underneath the skin, having to put adhesive up my head. It actually sped the process of losing my hair even more. So, I decided to get rid of it and shave my head. Still, I wasn’t happy. That’s when I looked at coming to hair transplant.

When you were losing your hair, what did it make you feel like?

Well, of course nobody … it’s a bit depressing. You lose your confidence, and you look aged. Everybody would tell you, oh, you look older than you actually are. I’m one of those guys that are pretty fuzzy with the way they look. Starting from top to bottom and doing when you’re at the top and you can’t go forward any further pretty much sends that signal away through the body. You just feel like a turtle that wants to go back in its shell and hide. To be honest, I was just wearing a cap. I just don’t go without a cap on anymore and when I get to gigs or functions I try and talk my way out or say I’m interstate working or doing something just so I don’t go to gigs. So yeah, it’s a pretty sad life.

Why did you decide on a hair transplant in the end and why with Dr Martinick?

Well, I do investigate it. I investigated the procedure. I heard people were doing it and the results were … yeah, different people have different results. But when I investigated and looked into it, there were people telling you to do it overseas, it’s cheaper, etcetera. And this is honest truth, I’m a bit pedantic and picky and I looked … Well, Dr Martinick came up and I looked it up and she was … I think she was one of the best in the world at doing procedures and one of the firsts in Australia. She’s leading it in Australia. So I thought what better place than to do it in Australia. If anything was to go wrong then I’d be right there at their doorstep and they’ll look after you.

How did you find the day of the procedure itself? How are the staffs? Were your expectations met?

Let me tell you, I nearly didn’t go through with it. I mean, they’re going to do a major procedure on you and change your look forever. It played a big role leading up to it. The day before I was nervous, I rang up Rehan and he had to pretty much say, ‘It will be fine’. When I got there the staff was brilliant. They’re all happy, all ready to go and actually made me feel really confident. Jenny was amazing, as was Sara and the staff, as you know were just absolutely brilliant. Even to the extent where I ended up buying them chocolates, coming back and giving it to them, sharing with them. They are an amazing group, a great team; they work really well as a team.

And you enjoyed the fact that you had Dr Martinick and Dr Kotai working on you?

It was a very special occasion. It was actually so smooth and well done that I wasn’t hesitant to do the second one at all. It’s just easily done. And if I ever want to do a third one which I don’t think I do need to, I wouldn’t even hesitate. There will be no hesitation whatsoever. That’s how good it was.

One of the questions that I’m asked all the time about the Martinick technique or the Optimum Density Technique is what makes the procedure with our clinic unique. And this question I always answer is the fact that Dr Martinick and Dr Kotai work on you. Did you find that quite unique that the doctors themselves were working on you whereas most clinics, the staffs work on you?

Correct. Yeah, I did actually … I was a bit surprised cause I knew Dr Martinick was going to do the hair transplant, but then I realised Dr Kotai was there as well and they work hand in hand. One step out to do something else, the other one was taking over and finishing the job and I think it’s really important in doing that to actually keep the hair follicles alive cause it’s got to be done in a certain timeframe and in a certain way and they’ve got a really good technique and team to do it together, and that’s what has resulted in this great success and made me look way younger.

How do you feel about your results?

Fantastic! I mean, it’s changing my confidence. I take my cap off in front of people. I’m not ashamed, even when my hair is not even done or styled. You just … it gives you a boost of energy. You feel rejuvenated again. Don’t know if it’s what a mid-life crisis is, but I’m imagining if it is a mid-life crisis and you bought a Ferrari, that’s what you’d feel like. And to get it for the rest of your life and to have it, it’s great. It’s bringing back my youth and everybody around me is stunned.

So your friends and family are pleased? What sort of comments have you had?

Absolutely. After the first procedure it was pretty, pretty inevitable to say that it was definitely heading the right direction and amazing results. They are really happy for me. They can’t believe that this day and age today that this can actually take place. I mean, Mum’s just blown away. She’s just like, ‘I don’t know how they’ve done it’. She still can’t picture how it’s been done.

Terrific! And would you recommend us to your friends that might want to do it?

shane3Absolutely, without a doubt in the world. They ask me, the question is now, ‘Where do you get it? Who did you do it with? And how is the procedure?’ I don’t even have to pitch at all. So my close friends who know me and who know how much I was struggling without the hair and how important it was to me, they’re actually starting to think out and they’re actually asking me the questions. I don’t even have to recommend. I mean, the proof speaks for itself, literally.

If you can see the hairline, you can see how natural that hairline is. The interesting thing with this patient is that he has still got eight months more growth ahead of him. So if you’re happy with the density as you see it, he will actually have an even thicker head of hair in eight months’ time.






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