If you are considering hair transplantation, chances are you’ve encountered ‘buzz’ material claiming the surgical technique, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is superior to the more commonly practised Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT).

According to this ‘buzz’, FUE results in faster hair growth, no post surgery stitches, and a faster recovery phase.

My advice to patients is to consider these claims carefully.

Although there are no stitches, there is no scientific evidence to support other assertions.

Just because a procedure is ‘new’, it doesn’t always make it better.

Proof of this lies in history.

Techniques, such as plugs, micro-grafts, scalp reductions, flap surgery and laser made holes, were once hailed as new but discarded when found against the patient’s best interests.

FUE simply represents a different method of harvesting the donor follicle to FUT

FUE, which surgeons perform with one or two assistants, involves extracting follicles with a small punch.

This method is referred to as ‘blind harvesting’ because use of the small punch prevents the doctor from seeing the follicles.

A consequence can be a lack of quality control and reduced survival rate of donor follicles.

Like some of the ‘buzz procedures’ of years gone by, the case against FUE has been mounting.

Preserving precious donor follicles must be a priority

In contrast to FUE, the FUT method achieves a graft survival rate of over 90 percent as well as healthier hair growth.

This method involves removing a strip of hairs that are microscopically dissected by a team of up to eight trained technicians.

FUE is sometimes recommended to patients with insufficient donor hair for strip harvesting techniques and with a history of significant scarring.

However, I only make this recommendation when the patient is fully educated on its risks and limitations.

If the patient wishes to proceed I may agree to do a small procedure of 300 to 500 follicles.

Ultimately, I will only recommend a treatment if I consider it to be in the patient’s best interests.

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