• January 21, 2020
  • Dr. Joshua Wee

Last updated on June 3, 2024

Patients and medical peers often ask us at New Hair Clinic and Martinick Hair Restoration how we have selected and sourced such a dedicated and accomplished team of hair restoration doctors.

Naturally, we’re extremely proud of our carefully selected female team of medical professionals.

Compassionate and dedicated to excellence in our specialised field, each team member brings her unique qualities and skills to our clinics while at the same time they also share some common characteristics.

These common characteristics include being patient focused, mentally and physically strong for long hours in surgery and the competence to effectively lead and manage a large surgical team.

Dr Martinick says along with their medical qualifications, experience and personal qualities, doctors selected to join the team at Martinick Hair Restoration and New Hair Clinic must have an artistic eye.

This artistic sensibility, which essentially drives a hair restoration doctor towards ensuring all hair transplants are completely natural looking, must be inherent.

The hair restoration doctors who have joined us are fascinated by hair restoration, Dr Martinick says.

“They have had a family or friend who has been psychologically affected by hair loss at an early age and they understand how important it is for patients to receive a medical diagnosis and be prescribed the most relevant treatment.

“Our doctors understand the refined nuances of expertly executed hair transplants and how these make an enormous difference to a patient’s appearance and, often, well being.

Dr Jennifer Martinick says a heavy investment of time and resources is needed when training doctors in the clinic’s globally renowned Martinick Hair Transplant Technique ™ and Optimum Density Technique.

She emphasised that becoming a good hair transplant surgeon requires far more than simply replanting donor hairs.

Hair restoration doctors trained in the Martinick Technique™ are able to replicate hair’s natural angle and orientation, thereby creating completely natural looking transplants for their patients.

Significant additional enhancement in transplants performed at Martinick Hair Restoration and New Hair Clinic is derived from Dr Sara Kotai’s Optimum Density Technique.

This technique has its origins in Dr Kotai’s time as a medical student where she noted the critical importance of curling the transplanted hair to maximise scalp coverage and provide patients with optimum opportunities for thicker hair.

To learn more about the transformational work of our female team of hair restoration doctors, call us now on 1800 694 481.

Dr. Joshua Wee

About The Author

Dr. Joshua Wee

Dr. Ern Soon (Joshua) Wee is a distinguished medical professional renowned for his expertise in hair restoration. With a passion for restoring confidence and transforming lives through hair restoration, Dr. Josh is a leading expert in the field of hair transplantation. With a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) degree from the esteemed University Putra Malaysia and extensive training in advanced techniques, Dr. Wee is committed to providing exceptional care and natural results to his patients.

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