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Transgender Hair Transplant Perth - 25+ Years & 90,000 Hair transplants

Hair transplantation is commonly sought after by transgender and gender-neutral individuals to harmonize their hairline, eyebrows, or facial hair with a desired masculine, feminine, or androgynous aesthetic.

To attain these desired outcomes, medical professionals utilise the same surgical techniques and technology employed in any hair transplantation procedure. However, achieving natural-looking results in alignment transplants necessitates an additional level of expertise and artistic skill. Experience is crucial in developing the necessary artistry.

New Hair Clinic has been correcting hairline and facial hair for over 25 years. With over 90,000 hair transplants performed, we are one of the most experienced hair loss clinics in Australia. Our hair transplant perth procedures are performed by our highly skilled and experienced hair doctor, who will help you achieve the full, attractive hairline you’ve always desired.

The next step for you and your appearance is to book a consultation with our doctor either in the clinic or online.  You can book your consultation online or call our friendly team on 08 9389 6000.

With our experienced Perth Beard Transplant procedure, you can enjoy these unique benefits:

Fully Doctor-Led Experience:

From consultation to procedure and follow-up, our doctor-only consultations ensure a comprehensive medical assessment to determine your eligibility for a procedure. Our skilled doctor can diagnose underlying medical conditions that may prevent a lasting procedure or compromise future hair restoration procedures.

Perth’s Most Experienced Full-Time Modern Hair Transplant Surgery Clinic

Our clinic is led by Dr. Muchi, a member of ISHRS and endorsed by Dr. Martinick, past president of the ISHRS and founder of the Martinick Technique. Our full-time commitment to hair restoration means unparalleled expertise in the field.

Patient-Centric Approach

We are not sales-driven; our motivation is your safety and the best possible outcomes for your beard hair transplant surgery. Our focus is on providing the highest quality service and ensuring your satisfaction.

24/7 Aftercare Support

We understand that undergoing beard hair transplants is a significant decision, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. All our patients have access to 24/7 aftercare, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience.

Gender Reassignment Hair Transplant

If you identify as transgender, you might be interested in undergoing a transgender hair transplant. This procedure aims to increase the density of existing hair or restore hair in areas where it has been lost, which can play a significant role in the process of transitioning. There are various situations in which individuals may contemplate a transgender hair transplant. In general, there are two scenarios when patients seek a hair transplant:

1. If you are an MtF (Male to Female) patient or identify as non-binary transfeminine, you may be considering a feminisation procedure to address a masculine hairline.

2. If you are an FtM (Female to Male) patient, you may be considering a hair transplant to address hair thinning during the FtM transition. 

Having a comprehensive understanding of the distinctions between male and female hairlines is crucial when it comes to hair transplants or hairline lowering surgery for women and transwomen. This knowledge is essential in achieving a result that looks completely natural. 

Hairlines in males and females exhibit disparities in terms of their placement, shape, how they age, and the direction in which the hair flows.

Male hairline

  • Lower overall position
  • M-shape
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Forward flow pattern frontal hairs
Female hairline

  • Higher overall position
  • Inverted U-Shape
  • Overall thinning
  • Whorl flow pattern frontal hairs

When it comes to permanently feminizing the hairline, there are two main options:

Surgical Hairline Lowering: This procedure offers immediate and rapid results, although complete closure of widow's peaks may not always be achievable. To create the desired female hairline, hair transplantation is often necessary. An additional advantage of this treatment sequence is that any potential scars resulting from hairline lowering can be made completely imperceptible by placing hair transplants in front of them.

Hair Transplants: This option is particularly suitable for addressing temporal area concerns, effectively filling them up and enhancing the overall appearance of the hairline.

Consult With A Doctor, Not A Sales Person

Book your hair loss consultation with our doctor, not a salesperson like other clinics. The same doctor you meet in your consultation will perform your hair transplant if you choose to go ahead and regrow your hair permanently with New Hair Clinic.

New Hair Clinic is the most experienced hair transplant clinic in Perth with over 25 years and 90,000+ hair transplants performed and the only clinic to offer the Martinick Technique.

Offering the full range of hair transplants techniques plus an extensive range of non-surgical treatments, the medical team at New Hair Clinic have a hair growth solution for every stage of hair loss.

So take action today and fill in the form on this page or call our friendly team on (08) 9389 6000 to ask any questions or book your diagnosis consultation.

Book Your Hair Loss Diagnosis Consultation

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