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Eyebrow Transplant Perth - 25+ Years & 90,000 Hair Transplants

New Hair Clinic offer the most gentle and refined eyebrow transplant procedure in Perth. If you have suffered from overplucking, trauma or hair loss of your eyebrows then our doctor could help restore your brows.

Our medical team specialise in corrective facial eyebrow hair transplant procedures that are designed to restore your eyebrows using your own hair. With over 25 years of hair loss and hair transplant experience and 90,000+ hair transplants, talk to our team about an eyebrow transplant to restore your natural-looking eyebrows.

If you’re looking for experienced, caring hair loss advice for your eyebrows, book your consultation by video call or in-clinic or call our friendly hair loss clinic team on 08 9389 6000.

Creating natural-looking eyebrows requires skill and artistry.

The key to getting natural-looking eyebrows that enhance your face lies in the skill, artistry and experience of the transplanting doctor. Our skilled and experienced hair loss team regularly perform hair transplants and have refined their techniques to achieve natural eyebrow hair and eyebrow transplants.

Eyebrow transplants are a popular hair restoration surgery among patients for a variety of reasons. In addition to seeking a more fashionable, thicker eyebrow, one may also opt for transplant surgery to regenerate brows that have been sparse as the result of over-plucking, injury, disease, or the self-inflicted plucking disorder trichotillomania. Our medical team have also successfully replanted eyebrows for patients with conditions such as burns, explosions or plastic surgery that caused them to lose their hair follicles, eyebrows or leave scarring.

Eyebrow Transplant Before & After

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How frustrating is it surfing the web looking for a solution to your hair loss?

New Hair Clinic has been helping men and women with hair loss for over 25 years.

Every person we have helped grow their hair back permanently or stop their hair loss with medication has started with a one-on-one consultation or called (08) 9389 6000.

Talk to our medical team to get the right answers for your hair loss so you can move forward with confidence.