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Revision Surgery

Are you dealing with the aftermath of a disastrously executed hair transplant?

Revision Hair Transplant Surgery Australia

Are you dealing with the aftermath of a disastrously executed hair transplant from another clinic, or have you observed the gradual deterioration of results from a previous procedure? Contrary to the marketing hype on TV, it's a harsh reality that many reputed Australian (and overseas) hair surgery clinics don't bother employing an Australian-registered doctor to handle procedures. Overseas hair surgery clinics operate with a disturbing lack of regulatory oversight, often entrusting the critical task of performing hair surgery to underpaid 'technicians' with minimal training.

In some instances in Australia, salespeople might don the title of 'Doctors' during consultations, yet lack any legal recognition as doctors in Australia. Unfortunately, those enticed by the prospect of budget-friendly surgery from inexperienced or cheap clinics frequently find themselves in the aftermath of what can only be described as 'botched' results, necessitating a subsequent revision operation.

Who is Suitable for Revision Surgery?

Understanding the root causes of failed hair transplant surgery is pivotal. Although surgical hair restoration has progressed significantly, yielding more natural-looking results, there still exists a cohort of patients with outcomes that are simply unacceptable. Some patients undergo procedures utilising outdated techniques (think hair plugs), while others endure substandard techniques in recent clinics (like hairs implanted in the wrong direction). The following factors may warrant a revision hair transplant:

How Does Revision Hair Transplant Surgery Work?

Prior to undergoing revision hair transplantation, a thorough analysis is conducted, focusing on the patient's desires and expectations. The examination includes a detailed assessment of both the existing hair follicles and the targeted area for the second transplant. Factors such as the patient’s hair structure, current hair loss condition, donor area health, and the outcomes of the initial hair transplant operation are meticulously considered during this evaluation.

Following these comprehensive studies, the optimal donor area is determined, typically situated at the back of the head due to its abundance of suitable hair follicles for transplantation. Subsequently, a second hair transplant plan is devised, prioritising aspects such as hairline design, the quantity of grafts to be transplanted, and the chosen transplantation method.

The actual procedure commences with the careful extraction of hair from the back of the head, initiating the revision hair transplantation process. At this juncture, small channels are meticulously opened, strategically planned for the placement of the harvested hair follicles. The harvested follicles are then delicately inserted into these channels to ensure natural-looking results in the subsequent hair transplant.

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Preventing Botched Hair Transplant Surgery

To steer clear of the perils associated with botched hair transplant surgery, adhere to the following:


1. Confirm that the doctor handles both the consultation and surgery, especially when dealing with overseas discount clinics.

2. Ensure your doctor has experience by asking for Before and After images. Results don’t lie, don’t be shy to ask to see their work.

3. Verify your doctor's registration as a medical practitioner within Australia by cross-checking the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) database.


At New Hair Clinic, we don't compromise on patient safety, experienced professionals, or the use of advanced techniques to correct and enhance the results of previous hair surgeries. Reach out to us today for a consultation and embark on your journey toward hair restoration success.

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