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Everything You Need to Know about Beard Transplantation


Many cultures consider facial hair to be a sign of prestige and masculinity. They can change their appearance by growing a full and dense beard, designer stubble, or a statement moustache.

But what if you can’t grow a beard? Perhaps your genes are not in your favour, or you have been injured and are no longer capable of supporting facial hair. Can you still enjoy a beard? If you consider a beard transplant, the answer is yes. And if you aren’t already, now is the time to get one! Because beard transplants have progressed to the point where the transplanted hair looks and feels natural (after all, you’re using your own hair! ), and the procedure itself is part of an exciting and rapidly advancing field of cosmetic surgery. Do you want to learn more about beard transplants?

What is a beard transplant?

A beard hair transplant is a procedure that takes hair from a part of the body, usually at the back of the scalp, and is transplanted to the beard area. A beard transplant can be suitable for people who have a lack of facial hair growth that could be caused by genetics or scarring.

Like a Hair Transplant, Beard transplants are classified into two types:

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is a popular technique for transplanting a beard. It extracts individual hair follicles from the donor area one at a time (usually the back of the scalp, level with the ears). The surgeon will then make very small incisions in the recipient’s beard (where you want your new hair to grow). This is a delicate process that must be done in accordance with the density and direction of the new beard hair.

An FUE beard transplant is usually done in a single session and can take anywhere from 3 to 8 hours to complete. When there is significant facial hair loss or additional density is required, two sessions may be required. Local anaesthetic is used in conjunction with injections for the procedure, and you should feel no pain afterwards.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

An FUT beard transplant, also known as a strip procedure, entails the removal of a small tissue strip from the donor area (usually the back of the scalp). The strip is divided into several small grafts containing one to four hair follicles after the donor area is closed, leaving a single scar. Grafts are then placed into incisions at the recipient site, as with the FUE transplant.

Because the FUT technique can transplant more hairs, it may be easier to transplant larger beards. Similar to the FUE method the procedure lasts from 3 to 8 hours depending on the area covered and the number of grafts used.

Do I need to shave for a beard transplant?

The hair used as donor hair for a beard transplant is extracted from the back of the head, so that area will have to be shaved to be able to extract the hair follicles. We prefer that you leave the beard growth in the recipient areas in order to analyse the natural hair growth and angle for a natural-looking result.

How soon can I shave after a beard transplant?

We recommend that you wait at least 10 days or until all the scabs in the recipient area have fallen off before you trim your beard.

Are the transplanted hairs permanent?

Yes, the hairs that are transplanted will last forever.

Can the hair grow where it has not grown before?

The answer is yes. Whether a hair follicle produces growth or not does not depend on where it is transplanted to. What matters is where it is transplanted from. The hair that is used in hair restoration procedures is typically taken from the back of the scalp. Follicles in this area tend to be resistant to hair loss (due to their resistance to the hormone DHT). No matter where you transplant this hair to, it will grow.

Is beard transplant surgery painful?

Pain during and after the hair transplant surgery is minimal. Patients often express surprise at how easy and pain-free the procedure is. As with all anaesthesia, you will experience a brief sting with the first injection, however, you should remain comfortable throughout the surgery.

What about insurance?

Usually insurance does not cover elective surgical procedures. If it is an accident or health-related, then you will likely have some if not all covered.

How soon will I see the results of a beard transplant?

More than any other procedure, hair transplants require patience. Because hair growth is slow, it will take time for your hair transplant to achieve its full effect. Results will vary person to person, but most of our patients have reported significant results within three to six months of treatment. Within a year, your transplanted hair follicles should be growing at a normal rate, letting you enjoy the full effects of the procedure.

Is it normal for the hair to fall out following a hair transplant/ beard transplant?

It is important to know that transplanted hair follicles act just like normal hair, meaning that cyclical shedding will occur, much like it does to the rest of your hair. The grafted hair will stay in place for about 2-3 weeks after transplantation, and then it will fall out, making room for new hair to grow in. Don’t be alarmed when you experience shedding up to a month after your procedure, whether you had a hair or a beard transplant. This is a perfectly normal occurrence, and new natural hair growth will resume within 3-4 months.

Are there any risks or complications with beard transplantation surgery?

Infection occurrences after a hair transplant procedure are rare. In the few cases where infection does occur, it is often due to the patient’s failure to fully follow post-operative instructions. Even when infection occurs, it generally is easily treatable with antibiotics, which can be prescribed by the physician.




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