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Healite II LED

About Healite II LED

Heallite II treatments stimulate hair growth through a process called photobiomodulation. The specific wavelengths of LED light penetrate the scalp's tissues, triggering a biochemical reaction in the cells of the hair follicles. This reaction boosts cellular metabolism and activity, leading to increased blood flow, enhanced nutrient delivery, and revitalized hair follicles. Additionally, LED therapy reduces inflammation, creating a more favourable environment for hair growth, while also awakening dormant follicles and extending the active growth phase. This treatment promotes the production of essential proteins like keratin, contributing to stronger, healthier hair strands. Moreover, LED therapy helps regulate sebum production, maintaining a balanced scalp environment. Consistent and regular sessions are crucial for optimal results. As a stand-alone treatment is recommended twice a week for 4 weeks, then weekly or as needed. However, this treatment plan will vary depending on your concern.

Pricing for Healite II treatments

$90 – 15 minute treatment.

$50 – when added on to another treatment the same day.

$300 – package of 4 treatments (prepayment on day of appointment required)

$450 – package of 6 treatments (prepayment on day of appointment required)

Heallite II LED and Hair Transplant

The Heallite II LED, offer a range of post-operative benefits after a hair transplant procedure. They promote accelerated healing, reducing inflammation and discomfort while stimulating cellular activity for faster recovery. This therapy enhances blood flow and metabolic processes, activating dormant hair follicles and resulting in denser, more natural-looking hair growth. Additionally, LED light treatments have antibacterial properties, minimise the risk of infection, and contribute to improved scar healing by promoting collagen production and tissue regeneration. Non-invasive and painless, they offer a comfortable and accessible option for post-operative care, suitable for all skin types. Customisable treatment plans ensure individualised care, complementing other therapies for a comprehensive approach to recovery. 

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