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Hair Transplants Gone Wrong

Why most clinics don’t tell you about hair transplants that go wrong

View a hair transplant clinic website or social media, and you’ll most likely see photos of patients sporting a good-looking full head of freshly transplanted hair. This is the side of the hair transplant business the clinics want you to see.

But in many cases, it’s a totally false image. Let alone the actual hair growth 8 to 12 months after surgery.

It’s an idyllic portrayal of hair transplants promoted by sales teams. They aim to get people who are despairing about their hair loss to spend money on treatments that won’t necessarily leave them with a natural-looking head of hair.

You can still get a good hair transplant

There are plenty of skilled practitioners who take pride in their work, taking time to create the right look for their patients with the hair transplants they perform. The result will depend on the skill and experience of a competent physician with an aesthetic eye. You must have encountered other treated patients, and you did not notice anything as the result was totally undetectable and natural.

But, unfortunately, this exemplary work is often overshadowed by the work of less scrupulous physicians who are more interested in finances than follicles. They care little about the patients they leave looking terrible after a botched hair transplant. As far as these clinics are concerned, they’ve done their job, given the patient more hair, and now onto the next scalp.

Every good side has a bad side

Hair transplants are a pretty standard and safe procedure these days. But despite advances in treatment and technology, bad hair transplants certainly haven’t been consigned to the history books.

These are very real and damaging to the patients who are unfortunate enough to receive them. And often, they are irreversible.

But admitting to failures is—unsurprisingly—missing from the websites and promotional material that the less trustworthy clinics use to lure people into having a transplant. All prospective patients see is the good side, with the bad side literally brushed out of the picture.

Making money is the main goal of these clinics, with making patients happy a secondary concern. The results are often hair transplants that look like fake transplants!
Why? Because you will only notice a bad hair transplant. Surgeons who care about their patients know that a good hair transplant has a natural result without it being evident that the patient has had a transplant at all.

Choose a hair transplant clinic with care

We are a medical hair restoration clinic practising only medically approved solutions for hair loss problems. In medicine, there are ethics, moral principles, and values that govern professional conduct. The Australian Medical Board ensures that doctors are regulated by strict constraints, tight boundaries and adherence to regulations are applied at all times.
These guidelines do not apply to clinics that are deemed non-medical. Non-medical clinic owners, consultants, educators, and salesmen can make promises without accepting accountability. There are many fringe operators who manage to dispense misinformation, pushing the boundaries of truth to the extremes. They employ many ways to go around the trickery, such as fake before and after photos, made-up reviews or testimonials, and promoting FUE overseas.

When you’re thinking about getting a hair transplant, back up yourself with extensive research. Good surgeons will welcome the interest you’re taking in their work and their background. Clinics who are loathed to talk about such things might have something to hide.

Nevertheless, be reassured that there are surgeons who are ready to help you, along with professional expertise and the right treatment techniques that maximise the chances of you ending up with great results.

Some guidelines to assist you with your line of research and questioning
• Don’t just compare prices. Find out about the safety and sterilisation practices of the clinic. More importantly, the surgeon’s experience, qualifications and their commitment to ongoing training for themselves and their support team.
• Make personal contact with former patients and assess the results that are achieved for them.
• Gain a clear picture of the availability of ongoing aftercare and the additional risk of travelling after a surgical procedure.
• Don’t assume the chosen overseas clinic will be subjected to the many layers of control that Australian hair restoration clinics are subjected to through the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).

Why choose us

1) Doctor Led
• We offer doctor-led-only surgical procedures. Our experienced doctors always perform the hair transplant surgeries themselves, and whilst we have hair technicians assisting the surgery, the procedure is never delegated to the hair technicians.

2) Minimum handling of hair follicles results in high survival rate
• Constantly achieving over 99% survival rate, versus industry rates that fluctuate between 50-90%.
• This also translates to less donor hairs being required. This is important as only the surviving hair is worth paying for.

3) Offering both FUE and FUT
• We understand that every patient is different and requires a tailored approach to hair restoration. We refuse the cookie-cutter approach by being the only clinic to offer both the FUT and FUE methods of hair transplant, so we do not limit our patient’s options and suggest only the most beneficial procedure per patient.

4) High patient satisfaction and referral rate
• Our patient’s satisfaction rate is around 99%. Almost 70% of our patients have reached us by the referral of one of our previous patients. Hundreds of comments and reviews from our previous patients from all around the world can be found in hair transplant forums.

5) Seamless and undetectable results
• Your hairline will be designed to look natural, age-appropriate and suitable to your features. The hair will be implanted to reflect your natural hair growth patterns for seamless results.




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