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Leaders in the field of hair transplantation meet in Prague

A passionate advocator for public education on hair loss causes and treatments, our consulting physician, Dr Jennifer Martinick was invited to address the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s (ISHRS) 25th annual world congress in Prague.

A sought after keynote speaker, Dr Martinick spoke of the importance of ensuring hair transplant doctors have the artistic ability to create natural and undetectable hair transplants.

She says a major portion of the training and professional development she provides for new doctors is dedicated to emphasising the importance of artistry and mimicking nature in hair transplantation.

“Successful hair transplantation requires far more than scientific knowledge, medical qualifications, and technical skills.

“It’s the way in which the transplanted follicles are put together that makes the difference between a natural and unnatural looking hair transplant. We have a responsibility to ensure the next generation of doctors is committed to giving their patients the best hair transplant possible.”

In another presentation, Dr Martinick spoke of her concerns about promotions for cosmeceuticals and the need for patients to avoid advertising and internet traps.

Vulnerable hair loss sufferers are constantly exposed to claims that certain types of cosmetics contain ‘active ingredients’ for growing hair and that there is “scientific evidence to support the efficacy of products’.

Unlike genuine medical treatments, cosmeceuticals have not passed the rigorous approvals of the US Food and Drug Administration.

These companies must be held accountable for any treatment claims they make, she says.

Dr Martinick says the world congress meeting offered an outstanding line-up of speakers.

Highlights included a presentation from the United Kingdom’s Dr Clare Higgins on ‘Hair cloning, past, present and future and one from Dr Ralf Paus’ on “can hair miniaturisation be reversed; strategies to do so”.

Singapore’s Dr Thomas Dawson provided his insights on; Imaginative new ideas to stimulate hair growth.

An immensely informative session, ‘Hair loss diagnosis for the non-dermatologist; what you must know if you are performing hair transplantation,’ highlighted how mistakes can be made in selecting patients who will not benefit from a transplant.

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