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How do you choose your hair transplant surgeon?

Choosing the hair transplant surgeon who will perform your hair transplant requires considerable thought, research, and care. While it is critical to choose someone with the passion for their field, hair transplant patients must also [...]

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Making a difference with our team of compassionate, dedicated and accomplished hair restoration doctors

Patients and medical peers often ask us at New Hair Clinic and Martinick Hair Restoration how we have selected and sourced such a dedicated and accomplished team of hair restoration doctors. Naturally, we’re extremely proud [...]

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Hair Loss Solutions with PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

New advancements in the world of medicine have seen patients undergo a range of different treatments with amazing results. Hair loss treatment is no exception and at New Hair Clinic we offer treatments for all [...]

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Adopting nature’s unrivalled example to hair restoration

There’s no greater example than nature when it comes to replicating undetectable permanent hair restoration. This was the resounding message of Dr Jennifer Martinick when she addressed the 21st Annual Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, [...]

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What to Expect at a Consultation with a Hair Restoration Physician

The initial consultation with a hair restoration specialist provides an ideal window into the quality of treatment and care available at a given clinic.  Rather than simply promoting a hair transplant, a best practice hair restoration specialist [...]

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The Results 12 Months After a Hair Transplant Procedure

What a difference a year can make to a person’s appearance, particularly when it is 12 months after having permanent and natural hair transplantation with leading hair transplant doctors. Proudly inviting viewers to inspect the [...]

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