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What is DHT? And how does it cause Hair Loss?

Before delving into the world of hair loss and its remedies, DHT might not have been on your radar. Yet, as you start your quest for answers, the terms “DHT” and “DHT blockers” suddenly inundate your search results. Questions begin to emerge, ranging from a basic “What is DHT exactly?” to doubts about its potential […]

5 Benefits of FUE

If you’re part of the 85% of men or 40% of women grappling with hair loss, you’re familiar with how it can profoundly affect your overall well-being. Beyond the impact on self-esteem, it can also dent your confidence, mood, and social interactions. New Hair Clinic offers safe and successful solutions for hair restoration for both […]


The Artistry of Hair Transplants: Designing a Natural Hairline

A well-executed hair transplant is not just a medical procedure; it is a work of art. Central to this artistry is the design of a natural hairline. Crafting a hairline that seamlessly blends with an individual’s features requires precision, skill, and a deep understanding of facial anatomy. In this blog, we will explore the intricacies […]

10 questions

10 questions to ask in your hair transpalnt consultation

If you’re contemplating a hair transplant, it’s completely normal to have a plethora of questions for your doctor during your initial consultation. You might be uncertain about what to inquire about before undergoing a hair transplant, or anxious about potentially overlooking something crucial. To alleviate any concerns, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the most […]

hair loss 1

Finding the Best Therapy for Hair Loss

Dealing with hair loss can be a distressing experience, impacting self-esteem and confidence. Fortunately, there are various therapies available to address this concern. In this guide, we will explore different therapies for hair loss, helping you make an informed decision about which one may be best suited for your unique situation.   Understanding the Root […]

Hair Transplants: Understanding 3000 Grafts vs. 3000 Hairs

For individuals contemplating a hair transplant, it’s vital to distinguish between grafts and hairs. A graft can encompass 1, 2, 3, or occasionally 4 hairs. Here at New Hair Clinic, we measure based on grafts. It’s crucial for patients to have a clear understanding of the number of grafts they’ll receive and how many hairs […]

Are Hair Transplants Worth It? Debunking the Myths and Realities

Are you tired of hiding under hats and scarves to cover your thinning hair? Do you dream of regaining a fuller head of hair and boosting your self-confidence? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of people worldwide are affected by hair loss, and many of them consider hair transplants as a solution. But the question […]

Hair Transplants for Ethnic Hair Types_ What You Need to Know-min

Hair Transplants for Ethnic Hair Types: What You Need to Know

Hair transplants have evolved significantly over the years, becoming a viable solution for individuals with diverse hair textures and types. If you have ethnic hair, you might have specific considerations when it comes to hair restoration. In this blog, we’ll explore what you need to know about hair transplants for ethnic hair types.   Understanding […]


Understanding and Managing Different Types of Alopecia

Alopecia, or hair loss, encompasses various conditions that affect individuals in unique ways. Let’s delve into the different types of alopecia and their respective treatments.   Androgenetic Alopecia Also known as male and female pattern baldness, androgenetic alopecia is hereditary and affects approximately 80% of men and 50% of women. It is primarily triggered by […]

How long does a Hair Transplant last?

Hair loss is a prevalent occurrence affecting both men and women. Factors such as genetics, health conditions, stress, and alopecia contribute to premature hair loss, thinning hair, and receding hairlines. While readily available over-the-counter medications and topical treatments exist, many individuals choose hair transplants for enduring outcomes. Consequently, a prominent question arises: “How long does […]

Want to grow your hair faster?

Want to grow your hair faster?

Longing for your hair to grow faster can feel like an eternity. If you’ve caught yourself typing “how to accelerate hair growth” into Google during the late hours of the night, you’ve landed in the right spot. Whether it’s a regrettable haircut, a desire for a fresh style, or simply a wish for fuller hair, […]

Can Pregnancy Lead to Hair Thinning?

Can Pregnancy Lead to Hair Thinning?

Around 40% to 50% of women encounter hair thinning during or after pregnancy, a phenomenon you needn’t face alone. Your body undergoes changes, and your hair might transform along with it. It could become stronger and denser, adopt a curlier or straighter nature, or even experience a reduction in volume. For many women, hair thinning […]


Discovering Lasting Hair Loss Treatment in Perth

Navigating the Landscape of Hair Loss Treatments The search for effective hair loss treatments can lead one down a labyrinth of options, each promising varying degrees of success. From topical applications to oral medications, laser therapies to hairpieces, the array of choices can be overwhelming. Yet, among these alternatives, one solution stands resolute—a hair transplant. […]

Understanding the Expenses of Hair Transplantation in Australia

It is crucial to consider the associated costs before deciding on a hair transplant procedure. Hence, the question arises: How much does a hair transplant cost in Australia?   Hair Transplant Consultation The process of getting a hair transplant begins with a consultation, which is not as simple as scheduling the procedure. Reputable doctors assess […]


Understanding the Relationship Between Testosterone and Hair Loss

Hair loss is often attributed to testosterone, the male sex hormone. However, the connection between testosterone and hair growth and shedding is more complex than it seems. Scientific research suggests that testosterone is linked to hair loss in both men and women, but the relationship is indirect and influenced by various other factors, including sensitive […]

Hair loss Doctor Consult

Beware of Salespeople Posing as Hair Loss Specialists

When it comes to considering a hair transplant or any medical procedure, having your consultation with a qualified doctor rather than a sales consultant is of utmost importance. Every single hair loss case is unique and not all individuals will receive the same result of hair transplant surgery. From thinning hair to receding hairline there […]

Balding Crown

Prevent, Stop, and Treat a Thinning Crown: A Guide

Experiencing hair loss in the beginning stages can often go unnoticed. Gradual thinning or a receding hairline may be difficult to detect, perhaps only noticeable to you, your mother, or your partner. However, if left untreated, hair loss can progress to balding, particularly at the top of the head, especially in men. Naturally, concerns may […]

Achieving Scalp Harmony-min

Achieving Scalp Harmony: Understanding and Preventing Traction Alopecia

Much like tending to a garden, our scalps require gentle care and nourishment to maintain lush, healthy hair. However, the repeated stress and tension caused by certain hairstyles can disrupt this delicate balance, leading to a specific form of hair loss known as traction alopecia. In this blog post, we’ll explore the causes, symptoms, prevention, […]

The Connection Between Fitness and Hair Loss

The Connection Between Fitness and Hair Loss: Debunking the Myths

Regular gym workouts offer numerous benefits for our physical and mental well-being. However, rumours have circulated that these exercises can lead to hair loss, deterring some individuals. Let’s explore the facts behind this claim. The speculation arises from the impact of exercise on hormone levels, particularly testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which affects hair growth. Here’s […]

FUT hair transplant before and after

What Results Can Realistically Be Expected From A Hair Transplant?

Hair transplants can undoubtedly work wonders for many patients looking to tackle thinning hair and hair loss. Revolutionary treatments can give a confidence boost to those experiencing hair loss. But every would-be hair transplant patient must know that hair transplants are effective treatments, not miraculous cures. In addition, there are limitations to what hair transplant surgeries […]

how biotin is injected

How Biotin Injections Can Help Treat Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While there are various treatment options available, many individuals seek natural and non-invasive solutions to promote hair growth. Biotin, a vitamin B complex, is one such option that has gained popularity in recent years. Biotin injections are a concentrated form of the vitamin […]

Can you still lose hair after a hair transplant?

Are you considering a hair transplant but worried about losing your transplanted hair? You’re not alone. Many people wonder if a hair transplant is really permanent or if they can still experience hair loss after the procedure. The good news is that, for the most part, a hair transplant can provide long-lasting, permanent results.   […]

Detecting the Signs of Hair Loss

Detecting the Signs of Hair Loss

The truth is, everyone will develop some degree of hair loss as they age. Although it’s more likely to occur later in life, it can start to happen as early as your teens, and the earlier you notice it the more effectively you can halt its progression. Beyond a hair transplant Perth procedure to replant […]


Am I Suitable for a Hair Transplant?

Is hair transplant suitable for me? How long will I need to take off work to have a hair transplant? Will it be the most appropriate hair loss treatment for me? and err….will anyone notice that I have had a procedure? Why so many questions? Understandably, if you are considering hair transplantation you will have […]

New Hair Clinic what causes hairloss

What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many myths when it comes to the subject of hair loss. For anyone experiencing the worries or stress of excessive thinning or balding hair, it can be even more frustrating when you’re not sure why it’s happening in the first place. While the exact cause of hair loss may not be fully understood, […]

Hair Transplant Myths Busted

Hair Transplant Myths Busted

There are still many hair transplant myths surrounding the procedure, even though there have been incredible advancements in the industry over the years. Sadly, these misconceptions can prevent many people from going ahead with hair transplants and regaining their hair and confidence. If you’re worried about thinning hair and are weighing up whether to look […]

Why Your Parents Could Be to Blame for Male Pattern Baldness

Why Your Parents Could Be to Blame for Your Hair Loss

Wondering what’s to blame for your worrying hair loss? It may be more a case of who is to blame, with your parents’ genes possibly playing a significant role in your hair loss situation. A wide range of factors can cause hair loss. Such as, autoimmune diseases, certain medications, health issues, ageing, or even the […]

Clinical Study About the Safety of Finasteride

Clinical Study Reassures Men About the Safety of Finasteride

Are you concerned that taking finasteride to prevent hair loss may have negative effects on your sex life? If like many men, the thought of taking finasteride troubles you, you can take heart in the findings of a major clinical study which shows there is no evidence to support claims that use of 5 alpha […]

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