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Adopting nature’s unrivalled example to hair restoration

There’s no greater example than nature when it comes to replicating undetectable permanent hair restoration.

This was the resounding message of Dr Jennifer Martinick when she addressed the 21st Annual Live Surgery Workshop in Orlando, Florida.

Dr Martinick, who is renowned for creating hair transplants which look thick, natural and healthy, is regularly invited to share her knowledge at conferences and symposiums around the world.

In her presentation, Cosmesis and Recipient Sites: How Nature Does It, Dr Martinick pointed out that creating natural looking hair transplants is far more challenging than many realise.

Testimony to this is the fact that there are many examples around the world of obvious looking hair transplants.

She says creating an aesthetic natural looking hair transplant, known as cosmesis, is reliant on taking additional steps that go beyond simply planning a hair transplant procedure.

Creating a realistic natural looking hairline is dependent on ensuring the appropriate density of replanted hairs, which includes planning graduated central density to avoid a see-through look.


It is equally important to ensure that the replanted donor follicles follow the natural direction, orientation, and curl of natural hair.

Dr Martinick encourages all hair transplant patients to conduct intensive research to ensure their chosen physician practises the techniques needed to create a natural looking hairline. Ask the doctor how they handle the donor grafts and how they create recipient sites which are primed for healthy growth of the new hair, she says.

After all, a hair transplant is permanent and you owe it to yourself to obtain the best available.

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