So What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the process of applying a specialized pigment to the scalp that replicates the look of tiny hairs. When delivered by a highly skilled artist, SMP looks natural and blends with your remaining hair helping you to regain the look of a full head of hair again. No matter the degree of [...]

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What Causes Hair Loss in Women

Early diagnosis of female pattern hair loss can be difficult because hair loss in women can be caused by many other factors, such as illness or hormonal changes. Hereditary pattern hair loss, or androgenic alopecia, is less common in women than in men. For this reason, a doctor or hair restoration specialist will ask for medical [...]

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Detecting the Signs of Hair Loss

The truth is, everyone will develop some degree of hair loss as they age.  Although it’s more likely to occur later in life, it can start to happen as early as your teens, and the earlier you notice it the more effectively you can halt its progression. Beyond hair transplantation, there’s not much you can [...]

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Am I Suitable for a Hair Transplant?

Is hair transplant suitable for me? How long will I need to take off work to have a hair transplant? Will it be the most appropriate hair loss treatment for me? and err….will anyone notice that I have had a procedure? Why so many questions? Understandably, if you are considering hair transplantation you will have [...]

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Are you secretly hoping for a miracle treatment for baldness?

While it’s understandable that like many people, you may be hoping for a quick fix to regaining your crowning glory, the only way to permanently and naturally restore your hair is through proven natural and permanent hair transplantation. Follicular unit transplantation (FUT) has been extensively tested over decades and in the right surgical hands the [...]

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update and Health Tips

We want to reassure you that we are taking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) very seriously and have implemented further measures in keeping our clients health and wellbeing protected. Our team at New Hair Clinic are taking the following precautions: Due to social distancing, we have implemented adequate time between patients and bookings which will avoid crossing [...]

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Making a difference with our team of compassionate, dedicated and accomplished hair restoration doctors

Patients and medical peers often ask us at New Hair Clinic and Martinick Hair Restoration how we have selected and sourced such a dedicated and accomplished team of hair restoration doctors. Naturally, we’re extremely proud of our carefully selected female team of medical professionals. Compassionate and dedicated to excellence in our specialised field, each team [...]

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New Hair Clinic Christmas Holiday Hours

When he gets to Australia, Santa sometimes gives the reindeers a rest and might use kangaroos. He also changes his clothes for less 'hot' ones.  And perhaps, a trip to the barber normally brings with it a welcome clean-up, 'cos there's nothing quite as refreshing as a summer beard cut! Children often leave out carrots [...]

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What Causes Hair Loss?

There are many myths when it comes to the subject of hair loss. For anyone experiencing the worries or stress of excessive thinning or balding hair, it can be even more frustrating when you’re not sure why it’s happening in the first place. While the exact cause of hair loss may not be fully understood, [...]

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Long Hours at Work Might Double the Risk of Going Bald

A new study has revealed that men working long hours might double the risk of major hair loss. They say it is likely stress caused by too much work and not enough downtime that is the main cause. Changes in hormone levels which occur during stress can wreak havoc on several areas of the body. [...]

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