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Does Creatine Cause Hair Loss?

Creatine is a popular supplement for those looking to increase their muscle size and definition but, like many additives taken by regular gym goers, it suffers from stigma that it may have negative side effects such as causing hair loss.

Gym instructor Brandon Campbell has experience with both creatine and hair loss, and often has worried students asking him if there’s a link. Campbell tells us that the regular cause of baldness comes from our family line but on a case to case basis it’s down to how our body deals with DHT, a testosterone that causes hair loss.

He references a study where The Rugby Institute in South Africa took part in a double-blind placebo-controlled experiment to test the effects of creatine on a group of rugby players. This research found that those taking the creatine had a high level of DHT in their system, which leads to worries about creatine causing baldness.

This isn’t the end of the story though; baldness comes from how your body handles that level of DHT. Campbell uses the example of his brother who shares his genes but doesn’t take creatine or supplements and has more advanced male pattern baldness.

So while creatine does increase levels of DHT, that won’t necessarily cause baldness but it may play a small factor for some people.

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