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Hair Growth Facts

The rate your hair grows, or in some cases doesn’t, is an entirely individual matter, but some factors such as age, diet and illness can play a part in maintaining a healthy head of hair.

This video by Nanogen, Hair Growth Facts, explains the hair cycle and why it isn’t as strong for some people.

The hairs on your head naturally die. When you comb your hair and some come out or you notice a few strands on your pillow case this is nothing to worry about, as almost immediately after one strand stops growing the follicle beneath your skin starts producing a replacement.

The hair cycle can be broken down into three stages: the growing stage, the dying phase and then the resting phase. The length of the stages is dependent on the messages your body sends to the hair follicles.

For some people the length of each stage will remain constant throughout life. For others it will change – normally the growing stage will shrink while the resting stage expands, meaning your hair doesn’t grow for as long and there’s a bigger gap between one hair dying and one growing. This can lead to small fuzzy hairs rather than the glorious mane you’re used to.

To counter this, you need to extend the time of the growing phase. It’s possible to use products that can artificially produce the message that your hair follicle should be growing, resulting in longer hair growth and a fuller looking head.

Hair Loss Solutions

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