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Wanting a smaller forehead and a natural, new hairline?

Are you taking a bigger step towards a smaller forehead? Do you have very good scalp and forehead laxity, no prior surgery or hair loss history? Then, hairline lowering surgery may be for you.

High hairlines are seen in women from different backgrounds and are attributed to a combination of hereditary factors and lifestyle factors. If you are among women with large foreheads and high hairlines, you may be self conscious about looking masculine or older than your age. Also, you could be tired of the limited hairstyles you can wear in trying to conceal your prominent forehead.

Hairline lowering which may be referred as forehead reduction involves surgically altering the height of the forehead and correcting the recession of the hairline. The expected hairlines are planned and marked before the hairline lowering procedure. Special surgical skills are required to achieve the best and natural looking results. Most hairlines can be advanced 2-3 centimeters. It is essential for the surgeon to be dexterous in mimicking the direction of naturalness and recreating the pattern of the patient’s hairline. The doctor must also be an expert at trichophytic closures to allow the hair to grow through the incision and camouflage any scarring. Then the surgery becomes imperceptible to all but the most meticulous examination.

In hairline lowering, facial proportion is an important concern to produce a beautiful result. When performed by an experienced surgeon, hairline lowering could dramatically correct the size of a prominent forehead by creating a narrower forehead shape and contour. The result could define a more balanced, aesthetically pleasing feminine feature.

Typical of a cosmetic surgical procedure, hairline lowering entails downtime and involves a recovery period of a week or so. Although it is considered a minor surgery and normally performed under mild sedation in our clinic, every patient must undergo a thorough medical evaluation before surgery can take place. A great advantage of this procedure is the evident, instantaneous result. Sutures are removed at 6-7 days.

It is essential to avoid being sun burnt in the two weeks prior surgery. Your surgeon will also advise you to avoid vigorous exercise, including running or lifting weights, as these can lead to increased bleeding during surgery. Taking anti inflammatory medicines is not advisable as they could increase bleeding. Moreover, snacking on salty foods and alcohol consumption may cause fluid retention and swelling. So, go for very nutritious food instead and increase intake of supplements that have Vitamin C before and after the surgery to speed up smooth recovery.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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