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Popular Hair Loss Myths Debunked

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) is the world’s leading authority on hair loss and hair repair. In this video Dr Bernard Nusbau talks about some of the most common hair loss myths: that wearing a hat can cause hair loss, using gels or waxes can block hair growth or that the type or frequency of your shampoo can affect hair loss.

Dr Nusbau states simply and plainly that all of these are not true and that there is no research to back up any of these claims.

In the vast majority of male hair loss cases, the cause is genetic. Other factors such as diet or stress may have an effect, as well as hormonal changes (particularly in women). Where these rumours come from and why they’re spread we’re not sure, but there’s no need to worry about them. Wash and style your hair as you like or wear a hat however often you like.

On the flip side, there’s a rumour that shaving your head will make your hair grow stronger. Dr Nusbau also refutes this claim. This idea comes from the recognition that stubble has a coarse feel to it, but this is due to the blunt tip you’ve now given it. Over time it will grow out just like your other hairs and any appearance of thicker or darker hair is either an illusion or it’s being caused by something else.

If you’re worried about hair loss and want to speak to an expert so you can separate fact from fiction, call the highly qualified doctors at New Hair Clinic on 08 9389 6000.

http://youtu.be/q3gXlX5zzo8Hair Loss Myths

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