Hair Restoration

Surgical hair restoration (also known as hair transplantation) promotes hair regrowth in areas affected by hair thinning and hair loss.

Medical research shows that not all hairs are created equal. Even at advanced stages of hair loss , most men retain a ring of hair around the sides and back of their heads. This hair is different genetically from hair located at the hairline and top of the scalp.

In hair transplant surgery , doctors harvest these permanent hair follicles from a strip of hair bearing skin removed from the back of the scalp. The strip contains hundreds, usually thousands of grafts, each consisting of a few hairs that can be surgically placed for growth in otherwise balding or thinning areas.

The transplanted hair will continue to grow in the balding areas in the same manner as in the harvested ‘donor’ area.

Hair transplant surgery is mainly indicated for genetic hair loss however may also benefit;

Scars in Facial or Scalp Regions

Traction Alopecia

Sparse Eyelashes and Eyebrows

Cosmetic Surgery Scars

Repairing Superseded Techniques eg: Plugs, Scalp Reductions or

Flap Surgery

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