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Hair Transplant Myths Busted

There are still many hair transplant myths surrounding the procedure, even though there have been incredible advancements in the industry over the years. Sadly, these misconceptions can prevent many people from going ahead with hair [...]

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Clinical Study Reassures Men About the Safety of Finasteride

Are you concerned that taking finasteride to prevent hair loss may have negative effects on your sex life? If like many men, the thought of taking finasteride troubles you, you can take heart in the [...]

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Take a Walk in My Shoes Before You Judge My Sensitivity To Hair Loss

Would you consider a man who is deeply emotionally affected by hair loss to be hypersensitive? If you do, or are even tempted to, consider ‘walking in their shoes’ for a few weeks? Perhaps, women [...]

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Am I Suitable for a Hair Transplant?

Is hair transplant suitable for me? How long will I need to take off work to have a hair transplant? Will it be the most appropriate hair loss treatment for me? and err….will anyone notice [...]

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Avoiding a Regrettable Hair Misadventure

Are you among the growing number of men who have encountered sales pitches to combine an overseas adventure with cut-price hair restoration surgery? At New Hair Clinic, we are enthusiastic advocates of leading an adventurous life, [...]

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