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The Results 12 Months After a Hair Transplant Procedure

What a difference a year can make to a person’s appearance, particularly when it is 12 months after having permanent and natural hair transplantation with leading hair transplant doctors.

Proudly inviting viewers to inspect the results of a hair transplant he had a year ago, actor presenter Paul Gerrard, makes a timely revisit to Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai at Man Cave Sydney.

As Paul puts it, his ‘Barnet’ – a popular cockney term for hair –“that was once heading south is now heading more north and he is feeling great”.

Delighted with his more youthful hairline and renewed growth around his temples, he says “I think the results speak for themselves.”

Hair transplant results meet and exceed expectations

Although advised by our doctors that he is a great candidate for hair transplantation, Paul’s great results meet and exceed his expectations.

His hair with its healthy density, salt and pepper colouring, low contrast to his skin colour and slight curl is primed for a fantastic result.

Already looking fantastic, Paul is told that further thickening of his hair will occur until 18 months after his transplant procedure.

He has just a minimal scar in the donor area and this will further diminish with time.

If he decides to have a second procedure in the future, the donor hair will be taken from the same area leaving just one very minimal scar.

Having only utilised 4000 follicular unit grafts (FUGs) for this transplant, Paul, has an additional 2000 donor follicles available, if he chooses, to have a second procedure at a later date.

Hair restoration patients have a maximum of 6,000 precious follicles available for transplant, hence the importance of careful and timely handling by the transplanting doctors and their surgical support team during a procedure.

Natural in appearance, the no fuss option of permanent hair transplantation enables Paul to wash his hair, cut and style it, play sport and swim without restrictions.

So understandably, the ocean loving Paul, chooses to celebrate this peace of mind and freedom, with a swim.

Watch Paul’s full hair transplant journey on YouTube.


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