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Benefitting Our Patients with Nature’s Inspiration

With acclaimed reputations for creating natural looking hair transplantation, it comes as no surprise that our hair restoration physicians take inspiration from nature.

Consulting physicians Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai are keen observers of how hair falls in nature, whether it be on humans or fur on animals.

Pictured here at the Kotai family farm in Western Australia’s south west, Dr Martinick and Dr Kotai admire how hair grows on the flank of horses.

This observation of nature was among the influencing factors for Dr Jennifer Martinick’s work in developing the renowned Martinick Technique ™ – a hair transplantation method which ensures donor hair is replanted in the same direction, angle and curl that a patient’s own hair does.

This ground breaking contribution saw Dr Martinick receiving the highest accolade in the field – the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’s Platinum Follicle award.

Joining New Hair Clinic in 2010, Dr Kotai built on the discipline of replicating the natural flow of hair with the development of the Optimum Density Technique (ODT), a transplant method designed to provide patients with thicker transplanted hair.

Our doctors dedication to creating natural hair transplants benefits our patients by ensuring their donor hair flows just as their own hair does, allowing them to play sport, swim and wear their hair in any style they choose.

On the other hand, a tell tale sign of transplanted hair that hasn’t been implanted at the same orientation of natural hair, is hair that grows straight in the air and the patient has limited styling options.

These patients often try to conceal the unnatural looking donor hair by combing their hair backwards.

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